Authorised Treatment Facility / End of Life Vehicle Centre

F.F.S is fully licensed by the Environment Agency as a Authorised Treatment Facility (ATF).  End of life vehicles have the potential to release hazardous substances into the environment if they are not treated, recycled or disposed of properly.  We aim to prevent waste from end of life vehicles and promote the collection, re-use and recycling of their components to protect the environment.  On our licensed site we depollute all vehicles.  This involves draining and recovering hazardous fluids and materials.  As an ATF we are licensed to accept waste motor vehicles and are able to comply with the requirements of the Environment Agency regulations.

F.F.S is DVLA approved as a End of Life Vehicle Centre.  Certificates of destruction can be provided by us as proof that your vehicle has been transferred and will be treated to the required standards before being destroyed.  We will notify the DVLA who will remove the vehicle from their database.   Please contact us with details of your vehicle.

The V5 document and/or proof of ID are required by us to scrap your car.